A. Consultation
1. Personal assessment of health status and development of program of care utilizing specialized laboratory testing
2. Independent assessment of current care as a second opinion
3. Overview of various complex medical problems being managed by different providers looking  for common denominators and prioritizing options of care in a holistic approach
4. Independent review of case management for understanding and closure

B. Group Health Programs
1. Family health programs to identify common needs of all members as a unit in lifestyle management as well as specific needs of members at risk
2. Corporate health programs to minimize risk of medical disorders by life style management and prevention of complications to optimize efficiency in the work place
3. Unique service programs needing special attention due to the unique work environment; such as flight occupations, professional athletes, free divers

C. Procedural Services
1. Oxygen multi-step therapy (EWOT)
2. Oxygen-ozone sauna therapy
3. Thermal therapy